The Student Services Team

The Student Services' Team provides quality, personalised service to enable each student to achieve his/her full potential in a caring environment.

Our Student Services Department encompasses a range of staff and activities across the whole school community. We are primarily focused on student welfare, but provide spend a fair amount of time working with staff and families as well. Our team meet regularly to plan for and review our activities, as well as to case manage the various individuals we are supporting.

Students are given support, advice and counselling on educational, social, welfare, health and career needs.

The Team

Student Services Coordinator - Neil Hudson

School Psychologist - Iva Filipovska

School Chaplain - Andrew Paul

Community Nurse - Mary Keeley

Healthy Active Coordinator - Suzie Barnes

Careers/VET Coordinator - Catherine Smith

Workplace Learning Coordinator - Andy Outten

Learning Support Coordinator - Claire Morrison

Student Support & Attendance -  Judy Zivkovic, Janelle Wallace

Community Service Coordinator - Larry Manno

Year 7 Community 1 Leader - Belinda Derby

Year 7 Community 2 Leader - Naso Tsingoida

Year 8 Community 3 Leader - Stacey Saffron

Year 8 Community 4 Leader - Peter Sharrett

Year 9 Team Leaders - Steve Raphael, Sharon Mann

Year 10 Coordinator - Jordan Newton

Year 11 Coordinator - Catriona McCloy

Year 12 Coordinator - Natalia Tempone