School Programs

There are a number of programs at the school for which we have particular pride. Two of them are classified as 'Specialist Programs' by the Department of Education.

Gifted & Talented Education - Languages

Mount Lawley Senior High School is A Department of Education specialist high school offering special placement in Languages. The GATE Languages offered are Chinese and Italian, however students have the opportunity to select from our five languages to study as a separate component from the specialist language.

Specialist Visual & Performing Arts

The SVAPA course at Mount Lawley Senior High School blends the four Arts forms of Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts. Students are able to specialise in their main Arts' interests during Year 10 and are encouraged to continue in the strong Senior School Arts Program in Years 11 and 12.

Although not officially classified as 'Special Programs' by the Department of Education, Mount Lawley SHS also has a series of programs which have a significant profile within the school.


The Music Program at Mount Lawley Senior High School nurtures the musical development of some 300 students through the areas of class music, instrumental music and ensemble participation.

Bush Ranger Cadets

We have a Cadet Unit of 45 Cadets at the moment. They gather together weekly for training on Monday afternoons, and participate in several camps throughout the year. The Unit's activities have an environmental focus, and are fully funded ... ie. no cost.