These are a number of the programs our school Chaplain is involved with at Mount Lawley Senior High School.

Bush Ranger Cadets

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Unit Leader since 1998.

The Bush Ranger Cadet Unit operates with the financial support of the Department of Local Government and Communities. Our Cadets meet each week and go on at least 4 camps each year. The program is focused on the environment, and works very closely with the Department of Parks & Wildlife. In 2015, we had up to 120 Cadets involved in the program.

Carols on the Lawley Lawn

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Coordinator.

On the first Friday of December each year, the school hosts a Carols Night in conjunction with our local area intake primary schools, local churches and the wider community. The event began in 2008, and is only possible with the close support and work of the school's Music Department.

Coffee Club

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Co-Convenor.

Since 2009, we have run a fortnightly Coffee Club for parents and friends of the school. Initially on Friday mornings, in 2015 this was changed to Wednesday mornings, always on the 'even' weeks of term. All parents and friends are welcome to join us in the school's Café between 8:45 and 10:15am. The mornings are a great opportunity for parents to talk to other members of the school community, and we regularly invite different staff members to attend - there are no speeches or presentations, just an opportunity to meet with and chat to the staff concerned.

Girls Soccer

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Coach for Middle & Senior School Teams.

Andrew has coached our Girls Soccer Team(s) since he started at the school in 1992. Early on we did make the Grand Final (losing on penalties) but in the era of specialist soccer schools those lofty heights are far more difficult to achieve. The season takes place in Term 2 and if we make the finals series into Term 3. In 2014 Andrew had the pleasure of coaching the first daughter of a previous team member.

The House System

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: House System Coordinator.

Our House System has a significant role in the life of the school, but over the years had become little more than the addition of the annual swimming and athletics carnivals. In 2000, Student Services sought to rejuvenate the program, to build its profile and increase its positive effect within the school community. Since then we have re-introduced the positions of House Captains, added Middle School House Captains in Year 9, and provided a range of House activities (from videos to cooking, debates to chess) across the school year.

Lawley Alumni

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Alumni Coordinator.

In 2015, the school celebrated 60 years of education in the Mount Lawley community. There are many thousands of past students from those 60 year groups, and lawley Alumni aims to maintain a connection between those students and the school.

Lawley Live

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Media creation.

Lawley Live began as the incorporation of video elements into the school assemblies. Since then it has grown to include a range of films, including school promotion, camp reports, House promos, learning area presentations, staff insights, and school stories. The phrase 'We love Lawley Live' has become a well loved catch phrase amongst the school, with versions filmed at all sorts of school activities, as well as from Europe, China and the USA.

Leadership Training

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Trainer.

Our student leaders, and potential leaders are involved in several training days and sessions during their time at the school. We run two annual training days for Prefects and School Councillors, as well as training for Youth Mentors and House Captains. Andrew is involved in coordinating many of these experiences and is often running sessions at these events. He also coordinates the training and mentoring of our Bush Ranger Cadets.

Sea Explorers Alumni Mentoring

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Staff Liaison & Program Coordinator.

The Sea Explorers Program is a successful Year 10 & 11 boys program, and run by members of the school's Alumni. Andrew is the staff liaison for the group, and manages all of the permissions and school coordination.

Our School Website

Andrew the Chaplain's Role: Webmaster.

Andrew has for many years been the school's webmaster, and is responsible for much of the content that appears on our website.